Will be held in Rimini Fair, from 6 all’ 8 Next March, RHYTHM ' N THE BASKET 2015 the format dedicated to sport in Italy is one of the most followed, second only to football, in a new guise, in perfect symbiosis with the music, to give a unique show, able to enter in the hearts of families and young people. L ’ event comes in conjunction with the National Basketball League, creando così un contenitore all´interno del quale LNP e FIERA DI RIMINI, during the COPPA ITALIA FINALS, they will try to promote this sport that already holds a large number of plays and attendance. The music will be present as a communication vehicle to 360° and will involve mostly children and their families. Nello stesso periodo si svolgeranno anche le FINALI DI COPPA ITALIA – ADECCO CUP 2014, and don't forget l ’ other occasions to celebrate, because l will also March 8 international women's day ’. Rimini once again becomes an official partner of ’ event, as a citizen engaged in sport and fun, always very popular with tourists of all ages for the proposals that always delivers.

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